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I was just reading through this lame excuse of a blog and remembered that I hadn’t done any blogging throughout my time with Jenna on the East Coast, which would have been the most exciting thing I did in Australia- so that is what you call poor form on my behalf. Because I missed out on all those posts and I feel stupid about it now I figured I will just have to make up for it this month as I travel through some of South East Asia. Hopefully I can keep hooking up to some wifi in the hostels, but if not my sim has got it sorted so the tumblr app should come in handy. 

Maybe I should start with talking about leaving. I left yesterday ( if you didn’t know ) it wasn’t as emotional as I thought it would be but I guess the idea of travelling again and then ultimately finishing up at home not alone but with Clark as well, just kind of pushed all other emotions out of the way. 

The people of Cunderdin ( Cody, Jess, Tim & Backy ) threw me a little going away shin dig at their shearing shed, if you looked at the pictures on Facebook you would have quickly realized that we had nothing short of a good time. Thanks again to everyone in Cunderdin for coming out and playing, as well as saying goodbye and writing in that little book Jess got! I can’t wait to have it in my possesion. Backy for Pope. 

Jess, Cody, Tori, Jono and myself went to good old Midland for a major feed at Hogs Breath before shipping off on the airplane. Thank you guys for doing that, you’s always make me feel so special ;) 


The next chapter?

So, here I am, back in this small town (Cunderdin) with some of the best people I’ve met on this trip and one pretty special lad and his cat. I couldn’t be a whole lot happier right now. Although the plan was to get back here, settle down and get real big girl jobs in the city, things changed like they always seem to do with me. Currently Im working at the local butchers a couple hours a day (which is fffffricken awesome, I would like to be a butcher for the rest of my life) working a couple shifts at the pub and painting the hotel rooms there. It’s pretty cruisy and it’s getting me back on my financial feet, which is always a bonus. Im not sure how long Ill be in Cunderdin, if a job came up I would stick around until home, but until then Ill float and figure it out! 

<3 xo

&amp; I like him &lt;3

& I like him <3

Went and saw Laura Lew &lt;3

Went and saw Laura Lew <3

Best bar staff going. Miss you steph

Best bar staff going. Miss you steph

Went shootin one day, Cody didn&#8217;t trust me.. Pfffffft

Went shootin one day, Cody didn’t trust me.. Pfffffft

Last night&#8217;s Jungle Party at the Pub. 

Last night’s Jungle Party at the Pub. 

Someone should give me a slack-ass award.


Sorry again for never posting. I guess I have somewhat better things to do. Like sleep, play have the occasional cheeky drink and work. I’ve forgotten lately that I am on holiday, regardless of the fact that for a couple months I worked my ass off, and had melt down after melt down. GIRL IS ON HOLIDAY. Yup. SOO

Jenna is here, has been for a little over a month and do i ever find her annoying… not, how fricken happy am i? girl is practically on cloud nine eh, its amazing having someone from home around. Not only does it feel amazing to catch up but the realization that time goes on but not everything in life changes, it’s like we’ve only not seen each other for a couple weeks, not a full year. It makes me more happy than nervous to hit Canada back up and see everyone again. (don’t get too excited, still have a few months to go..) 

Anyways since Jen has been here we have been scheming, planning and booking shit left right and center. So far we have our big East Coast trip booked and I’m hell excited about it! Starting in Carins visiting my friend Dee who I met in Melbs then moving all along the coast eventually finishing up in Melbourne where I’m super stoked to see the Newport crew once again! During our time on the East Coast we will be doing a two day yacht tour of the Whitsundays, snorkeling on the Great Barrier, sky diving in Byron and so much more.. You people at home can google all that good stuff eh. 

Cunderdin has without a doubt become home to me, and I even think Jenna is starting to consider it the same. It’ s going to be super hard to leave but only for a month and a bit as we decided what would a Christmas be without family and friends which is what has become of ours lives here. It’s filled with absolute losers, and some real gems, people Ill never be able to forget. 

I suppose there is heaps to fill people in on, but I cant really be bothered. It’s all the small things that makes me smile, and may seem insignificant to most who aren’t around. 

Ill throw in a couple of pictures for good measures, but that’s all until next time. 

Cheers my friends, stay classy


Cundy on a Saturday Night (stolen from emma)

Cundy on a Saturday Night (stolen from emma)