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Another Month

So, my last post was on the 16th of July, almost a month ago now and nothing has really changed, sorry to dissapoint! Still rocking the pub 5 days a week and sleeping away my life the other two days, except today of course when I decided to surprise you all with a super exciting blog update. 

sarcasim, nothing exciting. 

Backy, the pub owner is leaving me/ us/ Cunderdin for six weeks and going on his very own bar maid Eurotrip! weo. While he is gone his weeeeeeeeeeee little Cody son is takin over, and girl is stepping it up and becoming bar manager……… yeah, bring it on. Imma gonna miss ma old man, but I reckon we are going to have a pretty fun month, the Mexican party is already in the book. HELLO CORONA. Anyways, this position = extra money, = extra fun = SUNSHINE HOPEFULLY ONE DAY? on that note, still pale, still cold, hair is brown. Who would have thought?

Better news, Kelsey got a job in Sydney and Im BEYOND excited to see her, currently trying to work out flights to go see her next week when she arrives! Its going to feel so nice to see someone from home again, its been so fricken long. Just seeing anything about Canada is starting to make me sad. Hopefully everything works out and Ill get to see my Centreville soul sister sooner than later! 

Since my last post we have got another new girl, Steph from Germany. She is cool as, and last night we sang Karaoke with the Chi and her family. AIIIGHT. Next week when Emma leaves we are getting a chick from Belgium. Cool, ya. 

That is all I have to update on Cundyy. Cross your fingers and hopefully something exciting will happen soon enough. 

…………….. Like Bridgette or any of the Manmouth/ Newport crew decide to come visit. ………………….


OH and i got a new sweater from the asians, gooddddd on em

OH and i got a new sweater from the asians, gooddddd on em


Heyyyyyyy friends and creepers, greetings from Cundi! 

Time again for a life update. 

I’ve been in Cunderdin for almost two months now, and the only thing changing in this town is the weather, its getting colder and colder and me, I m getting paler and paler, it’s really disgusting that I am so pale in Australia. Whatever though, it’s all in good fun. Weather wise we are hitting about 8-15 degrees during the day and some mornings its gone minus on us, DEAR LORD. You think I would be okay with this, but I’M NOT. If I’m going to be somewhere this fricken cold you think they could throw in a little snow, and maybe a pair of mittens. Needless to say, I miss home, snow and currently the island beaches. 

Work is pretty cruisy, not much can change/ changes there. Ronnie the Estonian left which was pretty sad but she ran with the circus so there is some happiness in that. ZITY PANTS who has been in Cundy the whole time but working somewhere else just started working with us. she’s my mom here now, her and her boyyytoy Brad take care of me. How is it the Irish always love me so much? We also just got a lovely lil Swed, Emma! She is lovely, but really which Swedish person that I’ve met hasn’t been…. except Pontus, he wasn’t so lovely..  :) 

Uhm, Oh so my friends back in Perth are pretty fun. 2 weeks into being here Duncan, Cait, Dawn & Dave all came to visit me for a day, which was good fun, it was awesome having them around! Then on Tuesday (my day off) Laura and Milly jolted down to Cundy for a wee afternoon visit, they were here 45 minutes and had me convinced to check out and head to Northbridge for the night to see everyone. So off we went and surprised everyone! It was greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat fun. 

Anyways, thats pretty much all I have to say, very boring, not very sorry about that. Hope you’re all tanned and pretty wherever you are in the world. Happy Belated Canada Day annnnnnd I MISS YOU. 


Take chances now and then
Chance is just another way to say that life is waiting to open another door for you. 

miss you tas friends <3

miss you tas friends <3

ALSO before I left Perth I went on a wee little roadie and put together a video so you kids could get an actual feel for what it is like, check it!